Our recent campaign inspired many of you to tell us about your experiences of how our physiology can affect coaching. Ciara shares her thoughts and feelings here:

It’s only because of the Project 500 week highlighting how periods can affect participants that I have reflected on how periods have affected me, and therefore my coaching.

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In my teens and early twenties, I had issues with pain and heavy periods which took a while to be sorted. I had real fear that where ever I coached, there wouldn’t be toilets for me to access. …

I bumbled my way through peri menopause and menopause with little idea of what to expect and how my body was changing.

It wasn’t until over 10 years later, and now definitely post menopausal, when training for endurance events that I’ve discovered how our physiological changes can affect our everyday lives.

On a break from coaching, I realise peri menopause symptoms had an impact on my coaching (there were lots of other reasons for taking a break, not least a desire to improve my own fitness). …

At the end of last year I joined the Women’s Sport Collective and have benefited from many fantastic networking events and webinars but there was one in particular in February that blew me away. Baz and Emma from the Well HQ shared a series of insights about puberty, menstruation and menopause that shocked and surprised me in equal measure as they applied the female filter to sport and fitness.

As I closed down the zoom meeting I sat back and thought I’m female, I’m active and I coach women and girls…I can’t believe my knowledge of this area is so…

Project 500 spoke to Natasha, who thanks to the Sport England Tackling Inequalities fund took the decision to change career and follow her dream of becoming a Dance teacher.

Having studied Dance to A-Level Natasha considered studying further but wasn’t sure if it was the right path for her at the time. Initially joining a dance class aged 10 and moving into performances from age 13, Natasha’s passion for dance grew and she started her coaching journey helping as a youth leader at her local church when she was 19.

“Confidence was one of my biggest concerns… although I have…

Meet Semeena, who wants to diversify the running world and inspire women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to run whether it’s a hobby, to stay fit or support your mental wellbeing!

We’re living in an era when we have to not only understand equality and diversity but practice it by ensuring it’s at the centre of how we do things. As a Running Coach, I believe in leading by example by creating a diverse and equal running culture. …

Project 500 were delighted to hear from Abigail, a Musical Theatre graduate who has been using her skills to deliver dance sessions to the local community in Gravesham, Kent.

“Early in 2020 I was working in the industry and had done so for two years since graduating, I was in the West End musical ‘Aladdin’ and part of a European tour of Bodyguard Das Musical. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 my contract was cancelled halfway through and due to the theatre industry not being able to carry on with performances I found myself unemployed.

I then had the amazing opportunity to…

Sangy Theivendra

“I truly believe you can’t be what you can’t see” is the reason Sangy Theivendra got into coaching and something she advocates daily in her role working for the England and Wales Cricket board (ECB)

Sangy’s involvement in coaching started when she visited her son’s cricket club and joined in with a softball festival in June 2017. Having not played for over a decade she fell back in love with Cricket but realised not a lot had changed when she looked around and saw only two girls taking part. …

Mekaya Gittens

“I coach to influence and inspire my community” is an incredible reason to coach and was shared by Mekaya Gittens, one of three fantastic guests on our most recent Project 500 podcast.

Mekaya is a Tennis coach based in Slough and Eton, Berkshire. Having been involved in sport all her life and inspired by her Dad, Mekaya got into coaching as a teenager. She is currently working towards her Level 3 in Tennis but also has coaching experience in Handball, Cricket, Netball and Multi-skills.

In 2020 Mekaya was named the Development Coach of the Year by Berkshire LTA…

Manisha Tailor

“We want to be able to create and influence change, but we need more people to help do that” says Manisha as she strives to challenge perceptions of South Asian women in football every day.

Manisha Tailor MBE has been involved in Football since she was 8 years old and began coaching in 2002, supporting after school clubs alongside her full-time job. In 2011 she began to forge a career in football, after she stopped working full time as a Primary deputy Head-teacher to support her family. Inspired to make coaching her career when her twin brother experienced…

You never forget how something makes you feel — good or bad.” This is how Judy Murray began a brilliantly inspirational and empowering hour, sharing her coaching journey with a group of over 25 female coaches from various sports. We listened attentively, glued to our screens as one of Britain’s most successful coaches discussed her ups and downs in the sport she loves.

Judy’s personal experience of coach education in tennis is what helped her shape her own approach to teaching other coaches now, and she is a strong advocate of female-only courses being an option for women who feel…

Project 500 More Women, Better Coaching

Project 500 works tirelessly to support women of all ages and at all levels in sports coaching in South East UK.

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